Tim Panagos

Tim’s artwork has been featured in fine art galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest. His work can be seen in printed books and magazine covers, on business logos, wedding invitations and album covers. Tim deftly combines the elements of nature and surrealism to great effect; his oil paintings are punctuated with vibrant highlights that lend his pieces an air of magic. His inks are charismatic and meticulous, a study of balance between black and white that draws inspiration from the wood and steel engravings of the 18th and 19th centuries. Regardless of his use of media, Tim’s works never fail to transform the ordinary into something whimsical, a flight of fancy caught in the frame. Art is ever a playground for the imagination, and Tim rarely confines himself to one style or subject, preferring to chase creative whims and indulgences as the muse strikes. If you’re interested in an original or commission feel free to contact Tim through this website.